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First Xbox Title Joins GeForce NOW [Gears 5’] streams today,

First Xbox Title Joins GeForce NOW [Gears 5’] streams today,

Get ready for action — the first Xbox game title is now streaming from GeForce GPUs in the cloud directly to GeForce NOW members, with more to come later this month.

Gears 5 comes to the service this GFN Thursday. Keep reading to find out what other entries from the Xbox library will be streaming on GeForce NOW soon.

Also, time’s almost up on an exclusive discount for six-month GeForce NOW Priority memberships. Sign up today to save 40% before the offer ends on Sunday, May 21.

All Geared Up
Gears 5 on GeForce NOW
The gang’s all here.
NVIDIA and Microsoft have been working together to bring the first Xbox PC titles to the GeForce NOW library. With their gaming fueled by GeForce GPU servers in the cloud, members can access the best of Xbox Game Studios and Bethesda titles across nearly any [Read More Here]

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