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Does it cost to join tournaments & other matches

NO! & YES!  We will be having a range of tournaments from free entry to paid as well as no prizes, prizes money to be won!

Look at the specific tournament you wish to enter, we update and create the rules for each one.

What is DMV?

Chances are if you have to ask this questions your not from here.

DMV Stands for DC Maryland Virginia.

It is the Acronym for our nations capital surrounding regon thats connected by our Metro system.

What type of games do you guys run & play?

Everything & All. We recognize that the Gaming community is veyr wide, broad & extensive. That’s why it makes sene to cover and and everything.

Not Covering the game you want? Give us a shout out on our contact page and make your case. Always have our ears open here, after all this is a community effort!

How Much are Tournament Payouts?

Depends on the game. Some Games have a crowd that will put up $100 bucks per person and then some are notorious but not for its big bucks.


So for an instance a Smash tournament may payout $150 for only $20 buy in

Where as a Madden Tournament may have its patreons put up $100 and get close ot $350-$500 for payout (depending on setup).

Check each games for its rules.

What is your mission?

Let me paint the Piction like this.

Big Game Tournaments, Busy Facebook Chat Groups, Articles, Posts, Professional Podcast Shows, Contests, Weekly Tournaments, Live Streams from Community Members, Virtual & In Person…to eventually getting proper sponsorship whethe rit be local or national brands

The Big short Goal is to create a atmstphere where peple will get excited and want to come out and engage in more gaming activities.

Then hit the big evnts.. MAGfest, VGU Con, The Anthem ?

Time will tell, so just sit and keep scrolling.

  • Richyfinland