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$70 Games Expected to Be Standard-duplicate-1

$70 Games Expected to Be Standard-duplicate-1

Soooo with inflation we will be seeing alot of changes… This also goes for games….. As if $60 wasnt enough for a game already, the standard price will start looking like $70 dollars a pop…. Gaming sure is getting more and more expensive…. Im not seeing any raises in my paycheck.

Take-Two counts itself among the numerous gaming publishers who are now charging $70 for some of their top new releases. The company’s CEO, Strauss Zelnick, has said the company has not seen a “pushback” to increased prices.

We’re not seeing a pushback on frontline price,” Zelnick said during Take-Two’s latest earnings event (via VGC). “What we’re seeing is consumers are seeking to limit their spending by going either to the stuff they really, really care about–blockbusters–or value. And sometimes it could be both.”

Should we push back? I think so!

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